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Etta Trail  



The SCGMBA was approached by the Sundance White Ranch Park to bring hiking and biking trails into land nestled below the Sundance Mtn and this land  is set aside in perpetuity for the publics use. #SWRP


The hopes of SCGMBA and SWRP is to utilize the property in it's form, as open space, with only trail development to enhance those experiences.


The  SCGMBA worked with City of Sundance to increase the trail foot print by utilizing City of Sundance property i.e Etta trail. 


“Etta trail” is placed where property has been used for pasturing a few horses every year. The hope is that 1.5 mile expansion will then open a corridor near/ into BLM land to the east of the SWRP to connect the Hideout trail.

We are asking you -the users, public, mtn bikers and hikers, outdoor nuts, dog walkers, etc.. to help continue the path forward.




 The trail is named Etta for the simplicity following the theme of the outlaws-Sundance and Butch and the ever present lady Etta Place- Which may not be her true name. The SWRP has a Butch and Sundance trail and Outlaw trail and it is fitting to have a trail named after a mystery woman of beauty and with likely a personality of a cactus to deal with both Butch and Sundance. 

Seeking volunteers to assist in keeping the growth down. hike it bike it  weedeat it.. 


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