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SCGMBA is committed to maintaining the Bearlodge trail system with USFS and other user groups. We routinely report, assist, and repair the current trails.

  •  2023 Tour De Beary was organized - A Gravel event 

  •  2022  Trail Master plan for Hideout Trail was delivered to BLM adjacent to SWRP. 

  •  2022 Etta Trail was completed by hand and  help of a Mini Excavator w / KForester

  • In 2021 SCGMBA entered into a MOU with Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails in use of Fatbike trail grooming equipment for use in the Bearlodge 

  • 2021 Outlaw trail and SWRP trail building 
  • Successful BMC Event --even in restrictive COVID-19 era-no infections!!

  • 2020 Fall- Assisted the USFS recreation with building a trail bridge on Reuter Trail-"J"

  • In early 2020 we used funds from the 2019 race to purchase a 1998 Bearcat snowmobile to assist in grooming fat bike trails.

  • Funds from 2019 were also used to donate to Breast Cancer awareness. ($714)

  • In 2018 we received a grant- Laura Jane Musser Fund Grant from Crook County Natural Resource District to have them purchase a Sno-Blaster groomer, and they assisted the Bearlodge Ranger District in getting a set of Camoplast ATV tracks for assisting us in grooming with an ATV. Another successful part of the grant was the purchase of packable trail tools that are made by Trialbossusa.


  • In 2017 we began grooming in the Bearlodge Mountains under permit by USFS.

  • July 2017 the USFS recognizes the following trails built by SCGMBA as system trails and added to existing trail templates:

  1. Bitch Pitch added to Edge (R)-Featured picture>

  2. 2Flat (SCGMBA) and Luge (Tbear) added to East Fork Quarry (H)

  3. Bearlodge Mtn Classic Epic course added as a NFS system trail.  



2014 SCGMBA proposes FAT BIKE recreation area  


Special Orders via Forest Service as to WHY? A Fat bike Area.

  • Special Order

  • Wyoming Map

  • South Dakota Map 


  • SCGMBA is a member of the Sundance Chamber of Commerce.

  • SCGMBA continues to put on the Bearlodge Mtn Classic mtn bike race, and support your 14 and under riders to participate free -but still eligible for prizes and goodies.

  • SCGMBA has completed MTBPROJECT to GPS and describe trails for use with Smartphones. 

  • SCGMBA donated Monies to Fat Fish Racing for future Glendo Trails Fest. 

  • SCGMBA has begun mapping the Glendo State Park Trails to assist in the use of the trail system. 

  • SCGMBA has designed and made available the SCGMBA cycling Jersey..Support the SCGMBA 

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