SCGMBA is committed to maintaining the Bearlodge trail system with USFS and other user groups. We routinely report, assist, and repair the current trails.


SCGMBA proposes FAT BIKE recreation area  


Special Orders via Forest Service  as to WHY? A Fat bike Area..

SCGMBA is member of the Sundance Chamber of Commerce.

SCGMBA continues to put on the Bearlodge Mtn Classic mtn bike race, and support  your 14 and under rider to participate free but still eligible for prizes and goodies.


SCGMBA has completed MTBPROJECT to GPS and descibe trails for use with Smartphones. 


SCGMBA donated Monies to Fat Fish Racing for future Glendo Trails Fest. 


SCGMBA has begun mapping the Glendo State Park Trails to assist in the use of the trail system. 


SCGMBA has designed and made available the SCGMBA cycling Jersey..Support the SCGMBA 

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